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We are committed to welcome you just as you are and celebrate diversity in the life of the church. The Gathering embraces honesty, openness and transparency in every area to ensure church is a safe place for all.

The Gathering welcomes in safety all who wish to be part of the life of the Church whether through worship, learning and caring, service or evangelism. In creating a place of acceptance for all, no-one should feel any less welcome than anyone else on account of their age, social or economic class, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.


The Gathering celebrates diversity in the variety of God's creation, reflection of the life-giving relationship of diversity and unity seen most fully in the Triune heart of God. Only when worship and service, and life and mission include fully the contributions and participation of those of different backgrounds and abilities, will it truly bring glory to God.


The Gathering represents the diversity of the Methodist Church throughout its life and structures and affirms that there is no place for discrimination in our processes of selection, discernment and appointment. The leadership will therefore reflect the diversity of its membership and the wider community, and the Church embraces honesty, openness and transparency as expressions of the truth that sets us free to ensure full participation in decision-making at every level of the Church's structures.


The Gathering will uphold the discipline of the Methodist Church in the face of discrimination. Rejecting and resisting all behaviours which are discriminatory or belittling. All unacceptable behaviours and attitudes will be challenged quickly and could lead to sanctions, including the right to hold office or membership of the Church being withdrawn. Support of the victimised and protection from further harm in these situations will always be paramount.





Read more about The Methodist Church's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies below.

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